Ch. 8 – The story behind the story

This was one of our first cases, and an EM RAP program in April 2010. Certainly one of our scariest, as it is a young person with a life in front of her. It was intersting as I knew and trained with almost all of the physicians involved in her care so was able to interview all of them – her story from the bounceback visit is told by those involved in her care from the PCP visit to the ER to the surgeon.

When I first heard of this case I didn’t think it would ever go to trial, as it seemed the radiologist was the one most liable but as it turns out, the cases that go to trial are the ones where there is room for argument, not the ones where it is obvious there was malpractice.

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Original EM RAP panel:

Recorded via Skype Wed. March 10th at 1PM EST

  1. Ryan Longstreth, MD FACEP – Co-author Bouncebacks! and ED attending Mt. Carmel St.Ann’s
  2. Greg Henry, MD FACEP – Professor emergency medicine Univ. of Michigan, Past president ACEP, and CEO Medical Practice Risk Assessment
  3. Amal Mattu, MD, FAAEM, FACEP, Director Emergency Medicine Residency Program Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine
  4. Mel Herbert, MBBS (MD) BmedSci, FACEP – Editor EM RAP, Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, USC Keck School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, LAC & USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
  5. Mike Weinstock, MD – ClinicalAssociate ProfessorDept.EmergencyMedicineOhioStateUniversity, ED attending and director of medicaleducation Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s ED, Risk management editor EM RAP
  6. Tom Harmon, MD – OB/GYN surgeon who took pt. to surgery plus plantiff expert witness –
  7. Karen Clouse, JD – Defense attorney Arnold, Todaro, Welch,Columbus, Ohio