Ch. 6 – The story behind the story

Chapter 6 was found fairly early in the process. This was the case with material from 3 different attorneys; ED chart from one, deposition from another and trial testimony (thankfully as a word document) from a third.

Initially, I thought we may not use this as the diagnosis seemed too obvious, but the more I read through this case it became apparent it was not just about ‘guess the diagnosis’ and more about the process and medical decision making. The legal aspect of all these cases is there to bolster and reinforce the medical aspects of the cases. This case is no exception.

The trial testimony from the patient is particularly powerful and we included it as an example of where plaintiff’s go with this, as well as to complete the story of Kelli.

In October, 2011, this case was written up for the Emergency Medicine Resident Association (EMRA) newsletter and the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine (JUCM) journal. Emilie Cobert, co-author of the first chapter, is a co-author of the EMRA submission and Jill Miller, friend of almost 30 years, is the co-author of the JUCM article.

Characters names? Hmmm…

Not much interesting here except for a borrowed last name from a long lost friend of mine, Jenny Carozza, who moved to Traverse City MI in 5th grade. You an ER doctor Jenny??

Oh, and a Kelli is from a woman I hiked with in Nepal in 1993. Those were different days…