Ch. 6 – 32 y/o woman with headache


A 32 year old woman with headache

A 32 year old woman with headache

We all know this diagnosis from the first sentence, but sometimes it is not as easy as that; does she need admitted until 30 days post-partum? Does she need magnesium when she goes home? Can PO Mg work as well as IV? The plaintiff attorney thinks he has all the answers, but there is more subtlety than just an opening statement.

The end result is a wonderful mother was left with a significant disability after her PCP and ED visits – consideration of this diagnosis and admission would have likely avoided the lawsuit, the question is if it would have changed the outcome…

The story behind the story

Trial testimony:

Kelli Flood (patient) actual trial testimony

Discussion in chambers about how to notify the jury that the neurologist has settled

Plaintiff cross examination of defendant Timothy Madison


1 thought on “Ch. 6 – 32 y/o woman with headache

  1. Teaching points on case three, specifically on page 77, tell us to be suspicious of headaches that are “unusual”. This encourages us to avoid catchphrases like “headaches as being the worst in your entire life”. However when a patient presents saying that this headache is the worst in their entire life and you don’t get a lumbar puncture following a negative CT, that’s obvious negligence.

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