Bouncebacks – Medical and Legal

Released in the fall of 2011, the second edition of the Bouncebacks series adds Kevin Klauer, MD, EJD as an author. Kevin is director of the CEME High Risk Emergency Medicine course, Editor in Chief of Emergency Physician’s Monthly, and 2011 saw him finish his law degree. His expertise augments the medical as well as the legal aspects of the book.

This novel Bouncebacks! edition includes 10 new cases of patients who bounced-back; in contrast to the cases in the first book, there were no good outcomes. It traces their steps from the patient’s own story to the attorney’s desk. And the legal aspect? The reader, as well as Greg Henry, are left to guess; did the defendant settle or proceed to trial? Of those tried by a jury, another surprise is in store – their verdict and possibly an appeal.

How do juries think? Read on!

How to spot the well-appearing patient who will soon be dead

Ch. 1 – A 39 year old woman with multiple complaints

Ch. 2 – A 42 year old fireman with shoulder pain

Ch. 3 – A 15 year old girl with headache

Ch. 4 – A 36 year old playwright who passed out

Ch. 5 – A 38 year old woman with abdominal pain

Ch. 6 – A 32 year old woman with headache

Ch. 7 – A 52 year old woman with a cold

Ch. 8 – A 15 year old girl with RLQ abdominal pain

Ch. 9 – A 52 year old man with neck pain

Ch. 10 – A 26 year old woman weak and falling

Help! I am being sued!

2 thoughts on “Bouncebacks – Medical and Legal

  1. Re: Case 6. Fascinating case (as are all the others). I wonder what a good EMR system (many leave much to be desired) would have done. Would the differential diagnosis have come up? It is interesting how many “errors” were made by the ER physicians and the case was still won by them.


  2. I just finished reading your excellent book. Even as an EM residency-trained physician with over 25 years of practice experience, I found it to be exceptionally informative. I recommend that ABEM consider it mandatory reading, in place of some of the very forgettable LLSA articles required for recertification.

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