Essentials 2011

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Each month we go deep into the topics UC practitioners care about most: focused topics, broad overviews, practice management and “what to do next” when you’re faced with common, and not-so-common situations. Best of all, it’s a podcast and app so you can take it with you wherever you go to listen whenever you’ve got 15 free minutes. Check it out today to hear what everyone is talking about!

3 thoughts on “Essentials 2011

  1. Re: Case 6. Fascinating case (as are all the others). I wonder what a good EMR system (many leave much to be desired) would have done. Would the differential diagnosis have come up? It is interesting how many “errors” were made by the ER physicians and the case was still won by them.


  2. I think case one is a good example how a person’s prior history can sometimes lead to “diagnosis momentum”, a narrowed differential, and a decreased likelihood to “think worst first”. I think this is what may have influenced the physician to omit many of the questions mentioned in patient safety issue number one. Also, I think this case demonstrates some of the flaws of our legal system. The extra time, money and stress that was placed on the people involved over the judges poor choice of words seems like quite an error.

  3. All the cases are astonishing but i agree with Frank. Seems like case 6 has something more than the other ones
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