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Mike Weinstock is the author of EM Bouncebacks and the Editor in Chief of the exciting new podcast, Urgent Care RAPa monthly audio show with a unique UC focus.

The goal of the Bouncebacks series is to improve patient safety. Using a case-based format, we show the actual documentation of an emergency encounter, analyze it from a risk management and patient safety perspective, then reveal the return visit (bounceback) diagnosis. There are three books in the series: Bouncebacks! Pediatrics (2015) Bouncebacks!: Medical and Legal (2011) and Bouncebacks! (2006 – the original).

On this site, you can learn more about the cases:

  • Discover the story-behind-the-story
  • Read additional deposition and trial testimony
  • Join in a discussion of each case, read others’ comments, and respond

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The Books:

BOUNCEBACKS! pediatrics

Product Details

The newest book in the series, coming March 2015, Bouncebacks! Pediatrics includes 28 cases of children who were sent home from the emergency department, only to bounceback with a life-threatening or life-ending illness. Written by the physicians who actually cared for these patients, this volume is an important tool to improve the medical care of the most vulnerable in our society.

Bouncebacks: Medical and Legal

The format of Bouncebacks: Medical and Legal is modeled on the TV show ‘Law and Order’; each case starts with a patient’s story then progresses to the plaintiff attorney’s desk. This book is not bathroom reading, it is ten cases formatted to suck you into the personal experience of both the doctor and patient. As a lengthy litigation process is compressed into a single chapter, we want you to feel empathetic, indignant, scared, and humbled. These are not only amazing medical cases, they are amazing stories.

  • All are true; from the 15-year-old girl who presented with a headache hours after the World Trade Center was hit on September 11th, 2001, to the 42-year-old fireman whose symptoms began after walking out of an estate planning meeting, to the playwright who collapsed on opening night.
  • These cases reflect the pulse of life-in-the-ER. We have included the actual documentation of the provider, deposition testimony from families and physicians, attorney opening and closing statements, direct and cross-examination of expert witnesses, physician testimony, judge’s instructions to the jury, and… the verdict.

Bouncebacks! (The Original)

The format of Bouncebacks! (the original) is focused on the medical; 30 cases are presented with subsequent commentary by the colorful Greg Henry. After the bounceback visit(s) are revealed, national experts discuss the presenting complaint and the final diagnosis, all in the context of the case presented. It is a page turning medical who-dun-it!

Submit Your Cases

To the reader: If you have a case with deposition and/or trial testimony you would like considered for future books, an EM RAP episode, or presentation at a conference, please click the contact link above. We would love to hear from you!

Now that you have read the cases, join the discussion!

Note: If you have not read the original case in the book, a word of caution; you will learn the diagnosis by exploring this website. Feel free to navigate the site, but it will definitely decrease some of the fun…

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